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As You Wish Talk Radio – Special Guests Kate Curtis, Irish Acupuncturist

Some of you know I was away on vacation in Western USA recently. I was staying in Oregon with some friends, and close by the property of James Gilliland.

Natalie, who we were staying with, is a friend of James and we were invited to visit him, which was a great honor. He is the keeper of an intensely sacred site with Mount Adam in the distance. Many extraordinary phenomena have been sited there and filmed and documented. He holds large conferences during the summer there on his ranch.

We were asked during our visits there to assist in the clearing of his property energetically, and also assisting him personally with some healing. We were rewarded by his asking us to speak on air!

Due to my involvement over the last few years in also holding the space for a sacred site in Wicklow hills, namely an ancient burial site where it is said that the remains of a Druid King were found in an archeological dig a few years ago, he asked me to speak, mainly.

We were delighted to exchange information as to what is happening globally on theĀ  planet and the great work that is happening with deep meditators, and spiritual groups, in the attempt to change the negative vibrations on the planet, to the vibration of love.

If you are interested the talk can be found here at As You Wish Talk Radio.



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