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Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a system of healing  which was originally  created by Dr. Stanaslov Grof a Psychiatrist who is originally from Prague. He and his wife Christina, a Yoga teacher, helped to fine tune this profound method of consciousness exploration and healing, creating a safe and solid framework for  deep healing and consciousness expansion.  They extracted ideas from the realization that since ancient times shamans and healers have used different methods to reach a state of enhanced awareness.

It  also developed from  Dr. Grof’s original research work in Prague and in USA, during the 50’ and 60’s,  using LSD. He discovered that the potential for accessing the unconscious, thereby enabling the release of deep traumas, and wounds, which are imprinted and subconsciously embedded in an individual’s being, was extraordinary.  When LSD was banned in the 60’s his research program was shut down. He and Christina, then decided to seek out a method which would in some way have similar  effects which were originally achieved with LSD.

Through ancient times there have always been methods  used  to reach enhanced states of awareness.  The shamans in the past and shamans currently use specific ways of breathing , in order to enter into trance states. Meditating deeply  for hours and days have been done by monks, nuns, Yogis and Taoists;  different medicinal plants have been used and still are used particularly in South America and Africa, in order to enter into enhanced or non-ordinary states of consciousness.

People in all divisions of the eastern and western world are searching more for other ways to deepen their connection to themselves and to the divine.

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Click here to see the YouTube Video on Stanislav Grof – Holotropic Breathing


1 day 120 EUR, 3 day 260 EUR, 4 day 360 EUR


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